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- guy parsons

"When you decide to make your business processes more efficient, make sure you first dig deeply into your customers wants, needs, and expectations." 

Through Value Stream Mapping, your team will identify what works, what doesn’t, and ways in which to move forward to a place where there is effective change, increased employee satisfaction, and a continuous improvement culture. Spend an interactive workshop with Guy Parsons as he coaches you on how to apply value-stream mapping to your business.

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Guy offers inspirational & motivational talks on continuous improvement and leadership filled with over 20 years of stories and anecdotes. He can speak on a variety of topics to fit your needs, including those touched on in his book, Out of the Question: How Curious Leaders Win. There are a variety of other  example keynotes that Guy offers on our  "Work With Us" page.

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Post Value Stream Mapping Session, we offer continued support to build a continuous learning culture inside of your organization. We provide coaching, mentoring, and training of teams to empower them to solve problems sustainably. The final outcome is accelerating growth without accelerating costs (or stress!). Do more with what you have in a much more people-centric,
morale feeding way. 

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Many organizations find themselves with supremely talented individual contributors who need an opportunity through coaching & mentoring to become leaders of others. We help people go from individual contributors who deserve some coaching and mentoring to become highly effective members of the management team. 

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Value-stream mapping is a fundamental and critical tool to address what many companies find difficult to do: making a fundamental change in business processes such as administrative, professional, and transactional activities. The goal is to adjust current key processes to deliver the most value from your customer’s perspective while consuming the fewest resources using the creative talents of the people who do the work.

What is value stream mapping?